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.Cocobelt Car Seat Carrier - Black
.Cocobelt Car Seat Carrier - Black
Price: £16.99

What is the Cocobelt®?

If you own a baby car seat, you know how often you use it for short or longer walks and how heavy and tiring that is. Every day, you carry it to and from your car, to the babysitter, child minder, bringing and picking up your other child / children to and from school, quickly walking into a shop, and even on holiday at the airport and on the beach. The weight on your arms and the impaired freedom of movement is something every parent recognizes.

The solution? Cocobelt.

Want to make all those situations a lot more comfortable? Now you can, with the Cocobelt. Heavy and painful carrying becomes much more comfortable.

Safety, of course, was Cocobelt’s primary concern. Therefore, the click-buckle of Cocobelt has been extensively tested by the finest laboratories and testers, and the Cocobelt has a CE certification.

The Cocobelt is very quickly and easily attached and used.